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The most important special coffee trade show in Latin America: ExpoEspeciales 2016

Coffee growers, baristas, coffee tasters, exporters, suppliers, coffee shop owners, traders and coffee roasters will gather during four days at the trade show to present the best of this valued bean.

The IX ExpoEspeciales is organized by the National Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and will be held at the International Business and Exhibition Center – Corferias, from October 5 to 8 in Bogota, under the slogan “Colombia, land of diversity.” The event will highlight the wide range of highly distinguished coffees, with unique and exceptional attributes, provided by Colombia, with an entire sample of trends and innovations within the national and international coffee market.

One of the main developments this year is the I National Coffee Quality Competition: Colombia, Land of Diversity, which will reward the best coffees in the South-American country. “This competition seeks to highlight the wide range of Colombian coffee flavors, project exceptional coffees at national and international levels, trade them through prompt channels, and implement regional and department initiatives within one single national competition”, said Roberto Vélez Vallejo, General Manager of the National Coffee Growers Federation.

Likewise, the XI Colombian Baristas Championship will take place. This event looks to promote coffee excellence, honors to the Colombian iconic beverage, and recognizes the skills, knowledge, talent and passion of men and women who transform coffee beans into a perfect strong aromatic beverage.

In addition, the trade show will also house the VI National Cup Taster Championship – a Colombian emblematic event that aims to select a coffee taster who demonstrates speed, skill and accuracy at distinguishing flavor differences among special coffees from the various regions of the most important coffee country in Latin America. Moreover, the winner will have to represent Colombia in the World Cup Taster Championship.

The Exhibitor´s profile for ExpoEspeciales 2016 includes machinery, equipment manufacturers and vendors, coffee growers and industry related groups, coffee threshers and roasters, exporters, NGOs, financial bodies and Department Coffee Committees, among other entities of industry.

Expoespeciales 2016 will also be the venue for industry professions updates, with a two-day academic agenda that during its first day will address topics such as: “Coffee genome project, genetic quality improvement, crosses of varieties” by the FNC. “Profitability starts at the coffee farm”, “La Niña phenomenon”, “Coffee supply and demand around the world”, by Neil Rosser, Head of Coffee Research, Armajaro Research Ltd. Furthermore, a conference by David Piza from S&D Coffee and Tea, will be held: “Talking to new generations about special coffees: Millennials and coffee consumption”.

For the second day of the trade show, the academic agenda will cover topics such as: “Exporting small quantities: how to get international clients?”, “What does a barista competition look for when choosing a provider?”, “Roasted coffee study in the EU”, “Research on coffee workers at plantations and small family farms”, “Research on generational replacement” and “Industrial paper bags for green coffee”.

Coffee growers, representatives, directors and professionals from the industry, coffee roasters and coffee traders, coffee tasters, international buyers, academicians, and professional baristas will meet at ExpoEspeciales Café of Colombia. This is the trade show specialized in promoting the most important special coffees of Colombia and Latin America, which is part of the entire coffee value chain and offers a unique setting to show and announce trends and innovations in the local and international markets.

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